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Molly Lou's New Website!

After ten years, Molly's home page was in need of a facelift!


Thank you to all the friends and family who've been touching base through the website over the years.  Though the old format was fun, after ten years, it was just time for a new, fresh look for Molly's website.  This page is still under construction, so "pardon our dust" as we start to work on new features for the page.  Meanwhile, we are beta testing a couple of new website looks, which you can check out, if you like.  For those sites, please go here:
-or here-
...for the short form:
for folks who like the old look, or need information off the old website, it's still saved as a back page, please go here:

Thanks for checking out the website!  For inquiries, write:

Thanks for visiting...