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What's going on with Molly B.?

Molly moved with her family to Los Angeles a week after 9/11. In 2003, she married Dan Berke. Molly has been editing in for a major publisher in Los Angeles since March 2008.  From 2003-2008, she was Developmental Editor for Los Angeles area publisher Autumn Leaves where she worked on over 30 titles for the DESIGNING WITH and QUOTE, UNQUOTE series of books and calendars for the arts and crafts market. Expect the most recent Autumn Leaves' title, ENJOY THE PROCESS, which Molly edited, in your local arts and crafts stores Summer 2008.  July 2007, Molly received a contract to write a travel book called ON THE TOWN, which will be published Spring 2009.  Molly has written and illustrated a children's book, MADISON'S MAGNIFICENT CASTLE and is shopping around for a publisher.  Molly has signed contracts for an invention she developed to be produced, as well as contracts for two screenplay deals she has in the works.  June 2007, Molly became a member of the playwrighting unit of the Unknown Theater, and is enjoying delving into her playwrighting once again.  There, she is re-examining some of her early works, and also writing a ghost story regarding the mysterious death of 30s "Pre-Code" blonde bombshell, Thelma Todd. 

How's Miss Maddie?
Molly's daughter Madison is also a professional theatre person in Los Angeles. She has worked at several major theatrical venues in Hollywood, both as an actress and a technical person, but also in contracts, as well. Madison also went to London and Paris for a month February of 2006.  Post 9/11, Madison attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. While in high school, Madison also was a peer facilitator for teen outreach in the runaway community in Hollywood for L.A. Shanti for several years. She also was Winter Formal Princess for her High School her freshman year. Madison is an indie film maker in in her own right, in 2001, her film, BLACK LIPSTICK was shown at the Long on Shorts at the Horchow at the Dallas Museum of Art, as well as at Vistas and the Deep Ellum Def2 Film Festival in Dallas.  Madison has spent several years as a contract associate at one of the actor's labor unions, and now...drum roll, please:


What's Dan up to?
Dan is a Sales Manager with a major surveillance company, and is very happy living in California with his family.  Molly, Dan and Madison live near the beautiful Griffith Park area, a stone's throw from the Disney, Warner Brothers, DIC and Nickelodeon Studios.  He loves his dogs, Jake, Tiny and Gorbachev...

--  Webmaster, 05/24/08

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