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:// Our royal heritage which is French, Spanish, Norse, English, Scottish, Welsch, etc. My father is decended from John Henry Bone, who is decended from the de Bohuns of Normandy France. There is a history of the Bone family by Dr. Robert Bone, which traces my lineage from 900 AD to my parent's marriage. Recently, I have gotten as far back as our Viking Royal Lineage at 500 A.D. When I was young I was a dead ringer for Lady Diana, before she got famous. I always felt very Prince and the Pauper-ish. I always had this hunch that the de Bohun thing made us related, which it does. She is interelated with my ancestors in and out about six times. The most easily traceable being through her mother. Below the name de Bohun appears right under Elizabeth Plantagenet. That is the first mutual ancestor we have. Eleanor de Bohun is mother to Margaret d'eu who married a cousin, Humphrey de Bohun, and had a baby, John de Bohun, my ancestor. The marriage was annulled by papal decree (cousins marrying) and Margaret d'eu was forced to marry Hugh de Courteney, Diana's Ancestor. Later on, their off spring (200 years later) married Humphrey de Bohun's g'grand child, etc. This sort of thing happens about six times, where the de Bohuns married in and out of the Norman Kings, the Stuarts, etc. The most notable split is when Margaret d'eu, a de Bohun, was married to two men, where my lineage decends from one, and Diana's from the second. We are also related to the Spencer's and the Butler's in her heritage. This makes related to Fergie as well. All that English inbreeding. No wonder my eyes are so close together. It's pretty wild.

Heritage Molly is a proud decendent of the nobles: : the de Bohun line This castle site is WAY cool any architect types will REALLY dig it... : About one of the de Bohun castles, this one is in Wales! Les Seigneurs de Bohon: Further facinating details... About the de Bohun insignia: the swan... NEW DISCOVERY / REALIZATION: I played Alais in Lion in Winter, and had "dialogues" with Elinor of Acquitaine in the play, 20 years before I KNEW she was my ANCESTOR. Freaky! Want to see exactly how close our de Bohun ancestors were to Edward I of England? Our ancestor was married to the daughter of Edward I, named Elizabeth Plantegenet (I'm talking about the daughter of ELENOR OF ACQUITAINE IN LION IN WINTER g'grand daughter OKAY OH MY GAWD!) whose daughter named Margaret of Eu married a cousin before marrying Hugh de Courtenayand then the marriage was annuled prior to her marriage to de Courtenay: but not before a son was born See this excerpt: "Young Sir Richard le Bon de Bohun fell in love with the 17 year old Margaret, one of the children of Sir Humphrey 7th Earl de Bohum and Princess Elizabeth Plantagenet de Bohun. They were married and had a son John in 1324. In as much as Sir Richard II and Margaret were second cousins, it would have been necessary to obtain papal dispensation such as King Edward I had obtained for his daughter Elizabeth when she married her second cousin Humphrey, 8th Baron de Bohon. Evidently this dispensation was either not asked for or was not granted because in 1324 Lady Margaret was forced to leave her husband and infant son John, just a few months old, and marry Hugh de Courtenay, Earl of Devon. (Margaret was the granddaughter of Edward I and Queen Eleanor). Margaret and Hugh had 17 children. He died in 1377 and she died in 1391 and both were buried in the Cathedral of Exeler. Records indicate that Sir Richard and Margaret's marriage was annulled by the family and possibly by papal decree." from this link Margaret was daughter to Elizabeth Plantagenet, daughter of EDWARD I of England. How Molly Louise Shepard is muliply related to Diana, Princess of Wales Here is Molly's first relation to Lady di, whom she loves...the Princess was decended from a de Bohun, wife of Edward I. Molly and Princess Di share a second and third ancestor, daughter of Elizabeth Plantaget, Lady Margaret d'eu de Bohun de Courtenay, first married to Humphrey de Bohuh, Lady Margaret's cousin, and producing an heir, John, ancestor to my g'g'grandfather, John Henry Bone. Molly is also related to Eleanor de Bohun, Humphrey de Bohun, VIII's other daughter (Margaret d'Eu de Bohun de Courtenay's sister) through her marriage with James Butler. who had a son by the same name, who begat the following: Another way it breaks down: ROCHE Pedigree Edward I Longshanks = Eleanor of Castile Elizabeth PLANTAGENET Eleanor de BOHUN James BUTLER Eleanor BUTLER James FITZGERALD Thomas FITZJAMES John FITZTHOMAS James FITZJOHN Gerald FITZJAMES Catherine FITZGERALD David ROCHE Ulick ROCHE Theobald ROCHE Francis ROCHE Edward ROCHE Edmund ROCHE Edmund ROCHE Edward ROCHE Edmund Burke ROCHE James Boothby ROCHE = Frances Eleanor Work Edmund Maurice ROCHE Frances Ruth ROCHE = Edward John Spencer Diana Frances Spencer (1961-1997) What's more, Princess Diana is also related to us when our mutual ancestor Margaret d'eu who married Hugh de Courtenay (after her annulment to Humphrey de Bohun), through this line...Sir Hugh's brother Edward's offspring, Elizabeth, married Sir William Bonneville. Sir Bonneville's g'grand-daughter, Cecily, married Sir Thomas Grey, who's grand-daughter, Francis, married a Spenser who begat the Spencer line, which also produced Lady Diana. The de Bohun line trickles down from ancient (500 b.c., etc.) British, English, Viking, Scottish, Welsch, German, and French royalty directly to Princess Di, and also to Molly. Go to some of the links above, and check out the various names mentioned. It adds up, and adds up, and adds up. Now, check out Molly's pictures from 1979, before Princess Di ever hit the news stands. Wild, no? Molly - 1979, #1 Molly - 1979, #2 Molly - 1979, 3# Molly - 1979, 4# Molly's de Bohun ancestor, John Henry Bone, the "Bishop of the Plains", her g'g'grandfather...when he christened her father, Eugene Nelson Shepard... << File: jhb.bmp >> Want to see something else weird? Check out the bone structure on this page: Put your finger over the eyes of both Diana and her ancestor. SAME FACE! Wild, no?! The weirdest part of this all, is that Diana is decended also from Nell Gwynn, Charles II's mistress, whom Molly did extensive research on in college. Small world, no? The last couple of weird things? Molly and Princess Di are both Cancers, born one year apart? Also, Hugh de Courtenay, Molly, and her neice Sarah all share the same birthday - July 12th? Doo-dee-doo-doo....TWILIGHT ZONE themesong! What's more, when we got to America, one of the de Bohun's married the Aunt of General Sam Houston, so we are related to them, as well. Geneology is facinating, isn't it?