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Aunt Molly's Haunted Attic

Aunt Molly's Haunted Attic


Added: 5/6/00

At Christmas, I didn’t want to go home, as my family is fairly decimated from the 3D’s: Death, Disease and Divorce – at the Dysfunctional American Christmas, or "DAC in 3D" as I like to call it, so Madison and I went to Church Christmas Eve at this local Greek Revival architecturally designed church – real “It’s a Wonderful Life” looking sort of Church at Christmas-time) then we came home and went to a party at our neighbor's house. My neighbor has a huge family, five siblings, all grown, so it was a huge party. They grew up in the house. We had such a great time. It was certainly more fun than discussing my "sins" (I am the black sheep of my family) ad infinitum at Christmas H*ll. I mean, Christmas Shepard.) Somehow the subject of the paranormal came up. I shared some of my freaky experiences. (After all, I grew up in East Texas, the “Bermuda Triangle of Texas”. When “Twin Peaks” came out, I said, “Finally, somebody understands how weird it is out there in the woods. You know, “Behind the Pine Curtain.”) All the siblings talked about how our next door neighbor's house was haunted. A little 1940’s girl in pigtails skips through in ghostly form, they can smell their mother’s ghost cologne, their father’s ghost footprints stomp through the house. I turned to "W" and said, “So how long has your kitchen window been opening by itself?” He said, “How did you know our kitchen window opens by itself? Have you seen it? Did "L" tell you?” I said, “No.” smilingly. “I just know things, remember?” And I tapped my head. Last night, the kitchen window was open. Did "L" do it? Or….

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